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Session #5: Prop Trading with Jim Langlands

Jim Langlands began his trading career in the commodities markets in London in 1976, before moving to Australia in 1979 to work as a floor trader on the Sydney Futures Exchange. He did this for 2 years before moving into Foreign Exchange and has since worked in senior trading and management positions in various international financial centres.

Aside from FX, Jim also has a wide knowledge of all the other asset classes traded in Financial Markets including Equities, Bonds and Commodities, as well as all the trading tools, including derivatives such as options, futures and CFDs.

Over many years, Jim has a built a wide contact base in FX, having been employed by AML/Elders Finance (Syd 2 years), Wardley (HSBC -Syd/HK-3 years), Bank of America (Syd/Ldn-12 years), CBA (Syd-5 Years) and Macquarie Bank (Syd-2 years).

He has also worked for Westpac (5 years) in the Financial Services Division and has spent time helping set up an independent trading operation. Jim has been using charts throughout his career and has in in-depth knowledge of all the major technical theories and methodologies.

Set up a hedge fund in 2008, but the GFC made it very difficult to raise capital, so closed that to set up an advisory business – FX Charts in 2010.

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