FX Renew Performance Statistics

Here are the performance statistics for the signals with some explanatory notes. We measure performance in R-multiples. You can read more about these here. We also include percentage returns based on our recommended risk level.

Short-term Signals

Short-term signals are our day trades from Steve Lucas that we do from Tuesday to Friday. Expect 4-6 of these a week.  Updated date: 01 July 2015 Win Rate: 74.1% Loss Rate: 24.1% Scratch trades: 1.9% Total Number of Trades: 54 Performance:  For our short-term signals we risk 2% per trade (see below). June: +1.98R (3.96%) May : +2.32R (4.64%) April: +1.16R (2.32%) March: +2.91R (5.82%) Note: The short-term signals provide incremental gains, with a minimum of risk. Because of the quality of the signals you can look to size your positions a little larger (while the R-mulitple gain may be smaller, you can take larger positions increasing returns). We recommend 2%, so if you had a gain of 2R for the month that would equate to 4% or a loss of 2R would equate to a loss of 4%. Of course you can choose to use your own position sizing model for the signals. Note: Past Performance is Not a Guarantee of Future Results. Results are based on our signal recommendations which means they are hypothetical in nature.