Private Coaching With Justin Paolini

About Justin

– 10 years of experience trading FX of which 3 were spent first as a Sales Trader and then as a Broker.
– 6 years of experience as an educator, with contributions published on Yahoo! Finanza, Trend Online, FX Street,,
– Lecturer for the University of Ancona on Trading and Market Dynamics (since 2012)
– Contacts include around 30 sell/buy-side traders, reporters, strategists and ex-bank traders from leading institutions across the globe.


Blends emerging fundamentals with simple technicals in a 4-step rule-based process:


  1. Identifies the fundamental background drivers;
  2. Matches the best looking currency pairs with the strongest fundamental drivers;
  3. Executes via a multi-time frame approach;
  4. Manages trades depending on strength of background drivers and current market positioning.

Why coaching?

Many aspiring traders approach this business in search of a quick fix, a quick path to riches. There are no barriers to entry, no official education or degree that “qualifies” a person as a successful market participant. And these are probably the main reasons why the failure rates are so high.

The other consideration is that trading, like other jobs, requires “hands on” training and experience. The FX Renew Coaching service attempts to do just this: provide a live learning experience where participants can interact and see the ideas of an experienced trader with 10+ years’ experience. It’s all about establishing a successful process for you to follow.

Of course coaching is not constructed as a signal service although via screen sharing you will see my charts and any live trades I have on, which we can discuss. But copying trades isn’t the point. Too many people are focused on what somebody else is doing or what trades they are taking.

All of that doesn’t matter unless it’s comparable to yourself and that means having:

  • Same psychology
  • Same preparation
  • Same strategy

Otherwise you are copying without understanding.

What really matters is:

a) Understanding yourself (your own personal situation, your beliefs, your risk tolerance, why you approached trading in the first place, etc.)

b) Understanding price (why price is moving in one direction rather than another, what kind of movement (volatility) we can expect, key levels where longs and/or shorts are likely watching,

c) Understanding market drivers (day to day sentiment & flows, longer term drivers). Without a genuine appreciation for these key items, long term success in this business is not possible.

There are generally 2 ways you can approach this business, if you’re serious about succeeding.

1. You can pay tuition to the market, learning by doing. Generally this means exploring forums, reading books, browsing websites in search of a trading strategy that has an edge; testing it, adapting it to your own self, and attempting to emulate/replicate it.

Pros: You do everything yourself and can potentially save money (if you use a demo until you are consistently successful)

Cons: You can spend years attempting to find your way around the markets and climb the learning curve. This can lead to frustration and may discourage you. You may have the personal qualities necessary to succeed, but never make it because you never stumble on the right material.

2. You can pay tuition to an experienced market participant. Generally this means doing some research, finding a person you can trust and that has been an active participant in the markets for at least 10 years and has references available.

Pros: You can shorten the learning curve and avoid common pitfalls. I probably made every mistake possible, before achieving consistency. So at the very least, I can help you avoid all those mistakes!

Cons: Mentoring can be expensive for some pockets.

What does a coaching membership include?

2 x one-on-one live coaching sessions a month with Justin (via skype)

Full email support

Cost:  $499 AUD a month 

There is no contract term and you can stop at any time. 

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